President's Pen by Greg Gerbers, HBA President

Tamra Stier

Breaking News and Updates.

First off, I want to thank all who attended the IBA Meetings in Indianapolis.  I fully understand the time commitment and sometimes hassle it is to get away from the craziness of the week.  Again, appreciate all that made it one or both of the days.


Tuesday was a great time to meet with elected officials, Executive Officers and other members from around the state as we presented and discussed bills that help keep housing affordable.  Bills including HB 1019 – Common Construction Wage which repeals the common construction wage IBA Supports, SB 460 – Nursing Home Moratorium and HB 1147 which IBA Opposes to name two.


Membership was another key point of a committee meeting I was in and one of our new IBA president’s goals.  We are one step ahead of her and you are all doing a great job talking about the Ft Wayne HBA, as we have had several new members sign up.  Keep up the great work and lets make 2015 an exciting year to build homes and be a part of this great association.


Gregory Gerbers

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