President's Pen by Jeff Thomas, HBA President

Jeff Thomas


It is amazing how fast this year is going.  We are already preparing for our Fall Town & Country New Home & Specialty Retail Tour.  The Fall Town and Country is just one of the many benefits of being part of the HBA that allows us to show our customers what we have available and what type of housing we can provide. 

With the public about to visit so many of our houses I thought it is important for everyone to know a few key numbers that our HBA is working on.  A study shows that government regulation accounts for 24.3% of the final price of a new single family home.  Regulatory costs for an average single family home went from $65,224 in 2011 to $84,671 in 2016.  That’s a 29.8% increase in 5 years.  The cost of regulation in housing is making what we do become difficult cost wise.  I was stunned by those numbers.  It is these types of numbers that must make us stress the importance of supporting our association that works on keeping these regulations out of our industry.  This board continues to find ways to make it worth your membership in networking and savings but we also are working on things that you might now see directly that continues to fight to make our industry affordable.

Don’t forget to look at your contact lists and invite those non-members to be a part of the HBA. Any member recruiting 5 members or more through October 20th will receive their next membership renewal free ($492 Associate – $532 Builder). Everyone in the construction industry should be supporting the HBA and the work we do on their behalf.

Thank you for your support and God Bless.

Respectfully, Jeff Thomas, President

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